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Frequently Asked Questions 

How to Consign 

What are the Consignment Terms?

A 40% commission credited to you upon for any sold item (s).  It is a 60-day contract.

How do I Consign with Chic Boutique?

Place up to 25 items maximum in a BAG. All items MUST be clean, odor and free of pet hair FOLDED, NOT ON HANGERS.  Since we will steam your items,  please DO NOT IRON  anything.

Do I need an appointment to drop off my items?

Yes, an appointment IS necessary.  Our drop off days are Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Once you have gathered your items, give  us a call to set up your appointment.  We can be reached at 609-395-0545,


What TYPE of items can I consign?  

We accept luxury and signature brand Women's Clothing, Shoes, Handbags, Jewelry and Accessories.  

What Brands DO you ACCEPT?   

Click HERE  to DOWNLOAD  a copy of our list.  

What Brands are NOT accepted?

Click HEREto DOWNLOAD a copy of our list.

What if I have MORE than 25 items?

That's OK.  Just let us know when you make your appointment approximately how many bags/items you plan on bringing so we can allot the time on our schedule. 

What if I have LESS than 25 items?

There is a 15 piece minimum, however there are EXCEPTIONS.  Please inquiry with us.  We can be reached at  609-595-0545.  

Can I bring my items on hangers?

The only items that should be left on hangers are those items that have just come from the Dry Cleaner like Formal Dresses or very heavy coats/jackets.  Please DO NOT dry clean anything PRIOR to us accepting it.  We we  will ask that you have it cleaned upon accepting the items and if it is needed.  Please be sure all items are FOLDED in a bag. 


How will I know what items you took?

You will wait while we look through the items. The items that were not taken will be returned to you before you leave the store on the day of your appointment.

How long does it take before the items are displayed on the floor?

We prep and steam most items inside and out, therefore processing averages 2 weeks but can take up to 4-6 weeks.


Does my 60 day contract begin the day I drop off my items?

No. Since processing time has to be considered, your 60 day consignment period does not begin until your items are processed and are on the floor.

How do I know when my items are on the floor?

Once the items have been processed and are on the floor  you will receive an email from us with a listing of the items we accepted, rejects if any, its pricing,  a Consignor ID # and your contract End Date.

How often can I consign?

ONCE every 60 days.  Since processing time needs to be considered, consignors usually only have one time to consign each season so please be sure you to bring everything you intended to consign when you come in for your appointment.   

How will I know when something has sold?

You can monitor your account for the length of your contract at

A Consignor ID# is required.  Once your items have been processed, we will send you an email with this number.   

What happens at the END of  my Contract?

If you would like your UNSOLD items returned  YOU MUST make arrangements with us 3-5 business days PRIOR to your  contract end date.   If  you do not make arrangements PRIOR to your end date,  your unsold items will be considered forfeited/donated and become property of Chic Boutique Consignment Shop ONE  (1) day after your contract end date.  Your  END DATE will be given to you in the email that was sent to you.

When and how do I get paid?

At the end of your contract.  Anything over  $25.00 will be paid to you by check.  Anything under $25.00 will be paid to you in cash,    You may also  cash in  any credits at any time to shop in our store.  We do not mail checks.

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